Engaged Duty

Leo has astounding flesh as he slowly exposes his sunburn smooth body. He only has some peach fuzz on him which looks golden from time to time when the light hammers him just right. Leo doesn’t shy away from the camera as he bares all for us to see. He may be bony but those bony dudes are always filling and this time is no different. Leo has a enormous thick manhood for his size and it looks very enticing. As his salami becomes rock hard you can observe the thickness and length. He has a very beautiful fuck-stick that I’m sure our vets would love to slurp right up. Leo resumes to stroke his fat manstick and as he does he begins to open up his legs showing us his taut tiny cornhole which I’m sure is a virgin one. Leo doesn’t hold back as he eye romps the camera and wanks his jizz-shotgun until without any warning he gushes in a cute enormous cream colored blast all over his suntan sleek torso. Any takers to neat this up for him?? Enjoy!

Raging Stallion

Dollar Richards and Eddie West are the objects of a virtual reality desire, never knowing who’s observing them as they live out the cravings of the voyeurs who spy on them. This time, Spencer Whitman looks on and jerks his meatpipe as the 2 guys live out their insatiable fantasies. They take their time getting to know each other’s beefy up bodies before Eddie gets on his knees to take Buck’s large furry meatpipe into his anxious throat. Eddie gets the enormous meaty bone all oiled up with his drool and drool as he gargles the ample spunk-pump and services Buck’s low suspending ball sack. Dollar is prepared to screw and arches Eddie over to open his backdoor up. He works Eddie’s hairy fuck-hole with his tongue and facial cumshot hair and when he’s coaxed Eddie is prepped for his lollipop, Dollar says ‘I’m going to pounding wreck it’. Buck’s jizz-shotgun finds its home and glides into Eddie’s backside. He goes slow at highly first because Eddie is still a bit cock-squeezing but as Eddie spreads, Dollar takes the lead and picks up the rhythm to tuck the wolf as deep as he can go. After a nice long smashing, Dollar wants to switch it up and have Eddie penetrate his fuck-hole. Eddie happily obliges the suspended stud. Eddie eats Dollar out before he gives Buck the plowing of his life. ‘Fuck me,’ Dollar pleads while Eddie picks up the pace and wedges the tattooed unshaved man until Dollar jerks his sack of babymakers all over his own wooly pubes. When Eddie knows that he’s done his job, he unleashes and drenches Buck’s big plums with his own immense geyser. The 2 spent studs’ spunk mingles on Buck’s sweaty, unshaved assets as they smooch and come down from a well deserved boning madness.

Next Door Pals pictures

Underneath the Buddha statue, Quentin Gainz and Cameron Boyd forge a bond that heads beyond physical, as they share their fervor for one another. Cameron is in heaven as Quentin kisses his way down Cameron’s body, eliminating his trousers and uncovering his rock-hard guy sausage. Quentin hastily takes it into his facehole, downing it in one fell swoop as Cameron closes his eyes and squeals in unspoiled sheer pleasure. He comebacks the favor, working Quentin’s stiffy and making his way down to his fuckhole, moistening it up in preparation for his firm stiffy. He jams it deep inwards Quentin’s waiting hole, smashing him raw as Quentin milks himself. They nail like that for a while until Cameron is well-prepped to turn the tides, and then they change, as Cameron falls to his back and lets Quentin have his way. Quentin slides his hard spunk-pump into Cameron and continues to fuck him from behind before flipping him back over and penetrating the jizz out of him. Cameron spits his explosion onto his chest as Quentin unleashes and glazes his hole with his fountain, seeding Cameron as the afternoon light sets on their holy congregation. Enjoy!

Pride Studios

Jerk is in the locker apartment unwrapping after his workout when Connor walks in. He too commences to strip, but he is being highly bashful about it because his manhood is rigid as a rock. Wank notices and asks him why he is being shy and tells him to just flash him. Once he sees the massive uncircumcised man-meat, Wank cannot help but stroke it and begin gargling it. Connor then moves to Jack’s rump and commences rimming him. He then starts humping him deep and rigid arched over the bench. Jerk rails Connor’s gigantic pulsing pecker for a while before spinning onto his back and where Connor humps him rock-hard until he cannot hold back and he unleashes and both shoot their loads at the same time! Enjoy!

Next Door Wet

With bro Dante Martin waiting to pounce, Markie More brings class pal Clark Campbell to remain for the week while their parents are out of town. Clark needs a place to remain for a brief while, so the arrangement couldn’t be better in his mind. Dante and Markie feel the same, but for different reasons, as Dante knocks on Clark’s door to see how he’s settling in. As Markie makes his way down the ass-pipe, he can hear acquainted sounds coming from inside the apartment, and when he opens the door and finds Dante fellating Clark off, the plan is unsheathed for what it is, as a confused Clark leisurely chunks together what these two are up to. Markie tells Clark that it’s splendid, they do it all the time, and Clark seems unassured until Markie points out how hard Clark is from the fellate job, and Clark concedes that it does sense supreme. With that, Markie joins them and shoves his wood into Clark’s throat as Dante continues what he was doing. Once Clark is ultra-cute and stiff, he asks Clark if he wants to go a step farther, and when Clark gesticulates, Dante mounts Clark’s wet hetero boy bone and gives him the rail of his life. Dante and Markie both take a ultra-cute dicking from Clark, and all three dudes are getting close to jizzing, but before they do, Dante asks Clark if he’d like to attempt taking some bone. Clark agrees and Dante opens up him out on his back, easing his spear into Clark’s virgin crevice and working him slowly at first as Markie sits on his face. Dante starts to shag harder and firmer as Markie jacks his load all over Clark’s torso, emptying himself all over Clark as Dante continues to pulverize away. Clark dumps his pouch as Dante pounds him rigid enough to make the bed shake and ravage against the wall, and the view of Clark all cum decorated is super-hot enough to trigger Dante, who unleashes and splashes Clark’s nail hole before breeding the spunk sopping novice. As the three of them lay there sweat-soaked and pleased, Markie says that Clark could be a keeper, and Dante whole-heartedly agrees.Enjoy!