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Pure and guiltless Johnny V is mystical as he stands in his milky jock in the darkness when hedonistic Chris Bines comes up behind him and begins turning the boy on with lots of eating and smooching all over his bod. As the corruption story proceeds, Chris works his way around to the front where the 2 muscle furry studs commence a session of intense petting. Johnny is the first to give into his desires and frees Chris’ yam-sized pecker before wrapping his full rosy lips around the bone. Johnny works every inch of the hairy dick and nut knowing that his throat is giving the ultimate enjoyment for Chris. The more Johnny deep throats beef whistle, the harder his own gets bigger. When Chris sees Johnny’s chisel tightening against the fabric of his jock wire, he wants to lend a helping forearm. Chris comes back the fellating favor and globs to his knees to suck Johnny off. Chris needs to take it to the next level and leans the ash-blonde stud over to slurp his throbbing slot. Johnny loves every flick of Chris’ tongue and briefly he’s asking for more than just a face submerged in his bum. Chris hears Johnny noisy and clear and slips his hefty pillar all the way into Johnny’s cock-squeezing butt slot. Chris plumbs the muscle boy hard, making Johnny moan out in ecstasy. Johnny begs for Chris to go tighter and deeper and just when Chris beats the right spot, Johnny dumps a hefty geyser all over the floor. When Chris witnesses that he’s done his job with pleasuring the hunk, he whips out and slathers Johnny’s back with a strong geyser of mayo.

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Juan is ending up his custodial duties at his work when Adonis comes rushing into the douche sphere. Juan attempts to stop and tell him that the restroom doesn’t work but Adonis needs to whip out his ample rod. Juan takes a step back and waits for Adonis to conclude urinating in the stall but when he notices Adonis’ feet are not facing the restroom anymore. Juan is trying to get Adonis’s attention but he doesn’t reply back, Juan watches a hefty rock hard prick slowly nail through the glory crevasse. Juan can’t believe his eyes and commences to stroke the enormous chunk of meat. Briefly enough Juan is on his knees worshipping Adonis’s ample black man-meat. Juan takes every inch of the throbbing sausage into his gullet. Adonis fully rigid comes out of the stall and pushes Juan down to his knees for some more fuck-stick worshiping. Adonis enjoys his tiny sausage sucker as Juan begs for it in his ass. Adonis lies on his back and Juan leisurely slides down the big thick weenie until he’s resting on his nads. Juan embarks to rail that thick ripping up prick like a pro making use of every single inch. Adonis rolls him on his back where he romps the jism out of Juan’s tight lil’ caboose. Adonis’ humungous meat fills Juan’s tiny crevice up as Juan scrotum all over himself almost getting it in his eye. Adonis stands stall above Juan and sprays his nut sack down on to his torso. Love!

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As Dante Martin studies for an check-up, his roommate’s mate, Austin Hunter, surprises him with an unwanted visit. Austin seems to only be here to harass Dante, asking him all sorts of offensive questions about his lifestyle. Dante is remiss to give Austin the fulfillment at very first, but as the inquiry progresses, he commences to suspect that maybe Austin’s ridiculing is coming from a place of personal curiosity, maybe even envy. Sure enough, as he eyes Austin’s package, he notices the full salute in his shorts getting fatter and thicker, and realizes that Austin isn’t here for humiliation, he’s here for sexual pull out. Cautiously, Dante starts to advance on Austin, who frees his meatpipe and shoves it down Dante’s gullet. Dante gulps all of it to the base, and Austin is instantaneously affected. Stiff, he bends Dante over and resumes to have his way with goody 2 boots Dante, pounding him no condom in every posture. Spinning Dante over, he penetrates the jism out of him, and Dante shoots a big flow all over himself, just as Austin releases and soddens him with his own straight guy batch. Dante, now cum frosted, sneers up at Austin looking down at him, as the 2 of them realize their precedingly contentious relationship is about to enter the next chapter. Enjoy!

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Stashing out in a motel apartment paid for with a lifted credit card, Christian Bay figures it’s only a matter of time until his mother’s beau catches up to him, but what he didn’t count on was how mad he’d be when he finally does. Mark Long is fatigued of playing Christian’s games, so when he confronts Christian in the motel and Christian gives him lip, Mark determines it’s time to mete out some punishment, leaning Christian over his knee. Christian can’t believe he’s getting spanked like a toddler by someone his own age, but Mark is ruthless in his action, unwrapping Christian’s cut-offs off and smacking his nude backside like a child. What Mark didn’t hope was how turned he’d get from toying ‘Daddy’. Mark kneads Christian’s backside and soon enough, he’s got his trousers down around his ankles, with Christian sucking him off. Mark’s huge meatpipe chokes Christian as he deep gullets it, and once he’s cute and rock hard, he decides to give Christian a lil’ more penalty, bending him over and pushing his meatpipe inside Christian’s waiting slot. Mark ravages Christian rigid, giving a super-cute raw dicking that makes Christian yell from sheer pleasure, fuckin’ him all over the sofa in every position before whipping out his moist cock and soaking Christian with a geyser to remember. As Christian lay cum covered and exhausted, Mark smiles, anticipating a much smoother relationship with his potential step-son from here on out. Love!